About Us

Who We Are

Brockerhoff Environmental Services LLC is a multidisciplinary scientific environmental consulting firm that strives to provide cost effective solutions to address the scientific, technical, and regulatory challenges confronting our clients. We have developed a reputation for applying sound science in all that we do, for thinking out-of-the-box, and for tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our Promise

Brockerhoff Environmental Services LLC is committed to providing professional, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for all of your environmental needs. We strive to reach this goal by retaining knowledgeable environmental professionals on staff and providing them with the training and resources needed to complete projects on time & on budget….

Our Staff

Name Title
LSRP, Principal
LSRP, Senior Project Manager
Christina Helms LSRP, Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
Kristen Granitzki Project Manager
Due Diligence Manager
Mike Monaco Senior Environmental Scientist
Brandon Lessner Assistant Project Manager
Alyssa Petitdemange Environmental Scientist
Megan Stoner Account Manager
Andrew Brockerhoff Systems Administrator


What we do

Remediation Design/Oversight

BES takes an intuitive approach to remove contaminants and impacts from project sites.From contaminated soils in the overburden to bedrock groundwater contamination
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Groundwater Monitoring & Modeling

BES will either install temporary well points or permanent monitoring wells at a site in order to evaluate site groundwater within specific areas of concern (AOCs) or through a site wide sampling program.
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ASTM-1527 Phase I Assessments

Phase I – The BES Phase I Environmental Site Assessment intends to satisfy the due diligence requirements of a property transaction using current ASTM standards and client specific guidelines by identifying possible environmental impairments on a particular property.
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Remediation Cost Estimates

The cost of environmental activities varies from project to project based on the remedial efforts required at each site. BES work with clients to understand activities that previously occurred at the site in order to streamline remedial efforts moving forward.
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Day Care Preliminary Assessments

In order for a child care center to become fully licensed in the State of NJ by the Department of Children and Families, a Preliminary Assessment, conducted in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26E and prepared/reviewed by an LSRP, is required.
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GIS Mapping

The Technical Requirements of Site Remediation (N.J.A.C. 7:26E) the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) require maps to be submitted to the Department in a GIS compatible format.
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Contaminant Plume Delineation

BES utilizes careful planning and a scientific approach towards determining the extent of impacts at a site through horizontal and vertical sampling.
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Expedited Site Characterization

Expedited Site Characterization (ESC) is a crucial pre-remedial process of determining the spread of contaminates in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible.
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Dynamic Field Investigation Studies

The ability to rapidly assess the disposition of environmental contaminants at project sites is an essential component to restoring a site.
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Geological Investigations

An important component to understanding the extent of soil and groundwater contamination at each property is by investigating the underlying geological and hydrogeological setting.
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Funding/Grant Assistance

BES will review your project for potential funding/grant assistance eligibility with the NJDEP’s guidelines.
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Natural Resources Damage Assessments

Upon identification of a potential impact or known impact to a natural resource, which can be a groundwater or ecological injury (i.e. wetland, stream, lake, forest, wildlife, etc.).
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Plume Dating and Mapping

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ISRA Compliant PAs and Investigations

BES has performed Preliminary Assessments (PA) throughout the State of New Jersey, and our thorough understanding of the NJDEP Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) Program, as well as NJDEP’s Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (TRSR, N.J.A.C. 7:26E-3.1 and 3.2), allows us to perform a PA in a cost-effective and timely manner.
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Vapor Intrusion Sampling

The indoor air quality of buildings, in proximity to contamination from volatile chemicals observed in soils and groundwater, may be affected due to the migration of chemical vapors through subsurface soils and preferential pathways to the structures interior locations.
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Transactional Screening

The BES Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessment intends to satisfy the user who wishes to conduct a limited environmental due diligence (that is, less than a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment). It should be noted that the less stringent transaction screen (ASTM E 1528) does not meet the requirements for obtaining the CERCLA liability protections.
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