Due Diligence Services

BES provides due diligence services:


ASTM 1527 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments & Transactional Screening

The BES Phase I Environmental Site Assessment satisfies the due diligence requirements of a property transaction using current ASTM standards and client-specific guidelines to identify possible environmental impairments.

The BES Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessment satisfies a limited environmental due diligence.

Both assessments include:

  • Visual site inspection
  • Assessment of current and historical land uses and practice at the property
  • Review of local, state, and federal regulatory agency records maintained for the property
  • Written report of all findings, including recognized environmental conditions, recommendations, and conclusions


Phase II Environmental Site Assessments 

If a potential contamination source is identified with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment or if additional evaluation is needed, BES will work with the client to develop a cost-effective strategy to collect environmental samples including soil, groundwater, and soil gas samples. This type of investigation will provide critical information to determine if a potential discharge of a hazardous substance has occurred on the property. Based on this information, both a seller or potential buyer will be able to better understand their liability and make an informed decision.