Groundwater Monitoring and Modeling

Groundwater-Monitoring-SampBES will either install temporary well points or permanent monitoring wells at a site in order to evaluate site groundwater within specific areas of concern (AOCs) or through a site wide sampling program. The groundwater samples are sent to a New Jersey certified laboratory and analyzed for specific site contaminants. Traditionally, groundwater samples are collected on a quarterly basis in order to determine trends of Site contaminants related to increases or decreases in concentrations. Through the use of monitoring wells, BES is also able to model the flow direction of groundwater at a Site in order to determine potential sources of Site contamination and/or contributions of contamination from an off-site source. BES’s goal, through the use of groundwater monitoring, is to ultimately reduce contaminants to below applicable New Jersey Groundwater Quality Standards and provide the client with a Response Action Outcome (RAO) concluding remedial activities at the Site.

Brockerhoff Environmental Services

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